Who is MediMadison

In the year 2011 the name MediMadison was born and becoming a big name in the house scene and over the world. A real brake trough with remixes off tracks off famous artists, but also known by his Sexy style, his own sound. MediMadison is also known as a Dj who can brake the floor down with his style and his funky music and beatz. He's also a Dj with a big smile on his face and sharing his sounds with the people and the world. In December 2011 he won the best dj off the the year Dj Contest From Holland Casino that's been organized by a very big organisation and Dj's like Jordy Lishious and D-Rashid. On his 15th year old age, he was spinning in one of the hottest clubs in Amsterdam (Ministry) and following the footsteps of amazing Dj's like The Partysquad, Dj Chuckie, Real el Canario, in the eclectic scene. 5 years later he was spinning International and making beats with a lot of producers and now, MediMadison is making his own tracks and remixes and making his way trough to the top. In the future you will hear more tracks and see more clips of MediMadison. As he always says, " Sky is the limit " love is house & peace Peace out


Beats of MediMadison

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